Web Portfolio

We have designed several websites for different purposes and clients. Below are the detailed listings of our web projects.


  • Designed as a place for players of Dune 2000 to create and download game content and tools
  • Large emphasis placed on showcasing user created content
  • Large array of statistics available, including popular file downloads, download counts for each file and version
  • Automatic daily offsite backup of all content
  • Integration with unofficial game forum at dune2k.com
  • Quick and streamlined file submission process
  • News and new content is advertised on home page
  • Content can be easily searched by keyword (such as file author) or sorted by download count
  • Automatic virus scans of site and all content to ensure each file is verified 100% virus free



  • Designed to host and showcase game modifications and software developed by GruntMods Studios
  • Targeted at small niche of gamers
  • Full Adsense and Analytics integration
  • Image driven content, large use of sliders to showcase information
  • Primarily aimed at hosting file downloads for related projects
  • Contact form designed for troubleshooting issues with software
  • Blog functionality is used for multiple components of the site
  • Administrative access is secured by two factor authentication



  • Small scale ecommerce site
  • Targeted at card game and tabletop players in Canada, specifically Ontario
  • Integration between the local store website and the ecommerce site
  • Content is focused on various game products
  • Inventory is unified between in store product and webstore product
  • Customers are able to have units shipped or picked up locally
  • Instore POS uses WordPress backend
  • Optimized for desktop and for mobile
  • Contact form is designed for quickly resolving customer service issues
  • Inventory and sales are easily exported for auditing purposes
  • Entire site is secured by SSL
  • Shipping solution integrated with Canada Post
  • Administrative access is secured by two factor authentication

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