Software Portfolio

We have designed several different software solutions for a variety of purposes. Below are the detailed listings of our software projects.

Created gameplay modification of classic game “Dune 2000” titled “Dune 2000: GruntMods Edition”

  • Featured unique menus such as mission select
  • Software launcher to check for updates and display news feed
  • Custom missions and game modes
  • Custom NSIS installation package designed to be compatible with modern operating systems
  • Integration of key community features such as the High Resolution Patch

______________________________________________The cult classic, brought to new life for Windows 8

Created software installation package and webpage for distributing “YGOPro” dueling simulator

  • Based on NSIS installer
  • Utilizes LZMA compression
  • Extracts game data and created appropriate registry keys
  • Creates desktop¬†icons
  • Creates uninstall entry in control panel
  • Adjusts folder permissions and dynamically measures folder size to list in registry
  • Installs program prerequisites, such as the C++¬†redistributable



Helped test and design “USB XTAF Explorer”, software for accessing Xbox 360 formatted USB sticks

  • Can extract and Inject Folders from XFAT formatted filesystems
  • Experimental support for hard drives
  • Auto update and newsfeed functionality
  • Low overhead and disk usage
  • Was released before the filesystem was available to the public